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6 Hilarious things that happen in Indian Baraats

Indian Baraat
Funny Indian Baraat

Indian Baraats


The world knows that Indian weddings are grand and a very big deal for us on the whole. The amount of money that an average Indian spends at weddings is enviable. The colours, dresses, traditions and the FOOD, everything sums up a beautiful Indian wedding. There is this one tradition called the baarat in our weddings where the groom’s entire family and friends dance on the roads all the way from the groom’s to the bride’s place. A lot of hilarious things happen on the way. Here are a few.



Indian Baraat

Could anyone please give us a logical explanation as to why an Indian patriotic song is always played in baarats? The closest we have got to explain this is that the groom is at the verge of sacrificing his bachelorhood and going to live with a woman for the rest of his life. Therefore the song. Whatever the reasons are, this one is always hilarious.


Indian Baraat

There will always be a chacha, mama or a bhai who will always end up lying on the road and start swaying like a snake. The song, the brand new sherwani or that Raymond suit, nothing matters. Watching two men dancing like naagins on the road always manages to make everyone laugh until tears roll out. Truly, it happens only in India.


Indian Baraat

So everyone is dancing and having fun and suddenly the band starts playing the song somebody doesn’t really like. So what do you do? You wait for it to end and then resume dancing, right? Hell no! You walk up to the band and say, “Bhaiya, yeh wala nahin.” (Not this one). The next thing you know, the band changes the song in between and everyone starts looking over and changes the dance steps to match the new song.


Indian Baraat

It is no news that everything is recorded these days “to save memories”. Now, there will always be a group of people who will only go and dance in front of the camera and dance. It is probably their first and last chance to get recorded and clicked, so they exploit it to the fullest. The result, you will only find Raju chacha ki beti and Tauji ka beta all over. Indians rock!


Indian Baraat

Nobody is going to openly admit to this one but there is always a bunch of people (usually children) who keep an eye on uncleji and mamaji. Their pockets are loaded, we repeat, LOADED. They keep getting emotional from time to time and start throwing around cash over anyone who is dancing well. That’s when these people collect every penny that they can. One month pocket done. Swag!


Indian Baraat

The women take a lot of care while dancing. They have their designer sarees, ghagras, makeup, hairstyle and what not to take care of. The fun begins when a pin gets loose and dangling from their hair or the safety pin from the pallu starts coming off. The next thing you know, there is a live beauty parlour right there in the middle of the road. Everyone is fixing up everyone’s hair and looks to look perfect before the bride’s family. Can anyone even match Indian aunties at this?


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