GOT episode five cave battle breakdown video

GOT Episode Five Cave Battle Breakdown Video

HBO knows how to play its game and they are just getting better each time. Fans were left depressed and rather pissed at Bran Stark for being stubborn and putting everyone’s life in danger. The end of the episode gave us yet another painful death; this time of our beloved giant Hodor. And while it still isn’t sinking in, HBO feels our pain too.

In a rare case HBO has released a special GOT episode five cave battle breakdown video and they have paid the perfect homage to our dear Hodor. This is exactly what fans all over the world need right now! Hodor just left us like that, all of a sudden! And this GOT episode five cave battle breakdown video gives us the perfect last chance to say good bye. It isn’t going to be easy for us. Rather, it wasn’t easy for anyone on the show as well. We have loved and adored him and also been slightly annoyed to have a giant being this nervous. But everything fell back in its place when we got to know how Hodor became ‘Hodor’ in the last episode and that has changed everything for us.

They haven’t only shown the shoot/making of that epic cave battle but also how it was for everyone when Hodor was nearing his end. Over the time Bran and Hodor had built a strong bond with each other. A bond that even allowed Bran to warg in Hodor. And now to find out that Bran was responsible for his ‘Hodorness’ all this while just added to everyone’s misery.

GOT episode five cave battle breakdown video has received a lot of appreciation and love from GOT fans. It is the top trending video on social media currently. Watch it and you will know why.


P.S: We miss you already Hodor 🙁


Video Source: GameofThrones

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