Friends Dancing On Bollywood Songs

This video is dope! Friends dancing on Bollywood songs! Who could have even imagined that? And after imagining it, who would have the guts to pull it off this well?!

There have been too many self-proclaimed “hilarious” videos on Friends that have fallen flat. Reason? They just aren’t entertaining and have often left the viewers with a bad taste in the mouth. Several have actually blown the whistle and labelled the videos as an insult to the epic series. But this one is plain pleasure.

We never thought we’d actually enjoy watching a video of Friends dancing on Bollywood songs. Honestly, we didn’t only enjoy; we ended up rolling on the floor laughing really hard. It takes a lot of creativity and guts to make this. Why guts, because really who wants to offend “Friends fans” by serving crap?

Bollywood Gandu is winning hearts on Youtube with this one. We admit that it is quite an old video and has received a decent number of views. But we genuinely believe that this video deserves a lot more. And that’s why we have put it up here.

Friends dancing on Bollywood songs isn’t just something that has a Bollywood song thrown into the background of a hilarious scene. this guy has picked out every “dance” section from the entire series and twisted it! It has be mashed up exceedingly well with Joey doing the ball and Rachel dancing on DDLJ’s song when she is naked in the apartment!

Ross and Rachel’s dance routine takes the price though. He has managed to fit the perfect song for that one. And the entire Ross-Rachel romance captured Bollywood style is going to give you immense feels. We so wish he does a romantic Bollywood version for Chandler and Monica as well.

You cannot miss Friends dancing on Bollywood songs! Absolute delight!


Source: Bollywood Gandu

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