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The History Of The Bra: An Interesting Video On The Styles From Every Era

The history of the bra
The history of the bra

The History Of The Bra


So it’s probably the most popular undergarment. It’s sexy; it’s hot and very intriguing for men across nations. But have you ever wondered what is the history of the bra? Not even thought about it, right? Well, to your surprise bras weren’t the same since decades and have changed a lot over the time. This brilliant video gives you a peek into the history of this popular undergarment and the stories behind each trend. From what was only considered to be a piece of clothing to be worn under clothes, a bra today symbolizes sexiness at the epitome.

One would probably feel that the video may probably have some objectionable content, but you are highly mistaken. The video is aesthetically up and there is nothing cheap about there. It is always quite difficult to deal with such sensitive topics, but here’s a team that nailed it. This isn’t just a video that takes you through the stories and the history of the bra, it’s educative as well. All students of design, this one is an absolute treat.

From what fashion trended when and what was the look, everything has been described well. Plus, you also get to know the names of these bra styles. Women may probably look at these and say that they have used it before, but may not be able to name it. Some of those shocked us! Did you know that there is a “Memory Bra” that expands in heat and contracts in cold? I know, right! Are these even out there for real?! If they are where were they until now?

The video has received immense hits and likes on Youtube and is trending on all social media platforms. Don’t miss out on this one!


Source: Glamour Magazine

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