Try It With Your iPhone; These Ants Circling iPhone Seem Hypnotized

So apparently this guy put his iPhone between a hundred odd ants and then this is what happened. The ants started circling iPhone in what looks like a hypnotized pattern. Another thing to note is that the ants circling iPhone break into a definite pattern after the phone starts ringing. Whether it’s the radiation or something else, that’s a mystery we may not be able to uncover immediately. Whatever it is, it’s extremely intriguing. We are sincerely hoping it doesn’t affect the ants in a bad way, if it does, good luck to mankind and it’s constant addiction to phones and their radiations. If you do own an iphone, may be you can try this and check if this happens for real. get somebody to call your phone after you have placed it around ants and see if the ants do something similar to what you see in this video.

We do have a feeling that if this has something to do with a phone’s vibration, a similar experiment can be done with android cell phones as well. There is a chance that it could work with that too. If it doesn’t, there is surely something within iPhone that gets the ants to break into a distinct pattern around the phone. After the video on how corn kernels pop into popcorn with seconds of being placed between four ringing phones, this is the next phone experiment that has got everyone’s attention. The popcorn experiment works for real, this one just might too.

All you need to do is find a place with a lot of ants and place a ringing iPhone between them. All you need to do after that is to wait for the weird magic to unfold. Get a couple of kids around you to watch while you do this, it always excites them a lot more!


Source: ViralVideoLab

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