This Video On Brutally Honest Ads Will Make You Laugh Hard

Brutally honest ads are difficult to find. But they have concepts all can relate to. How many times has it happened that you have looked at how a guy’s deodorant attracts “hot girls” towards him and smirked? Countless times, right? There are several brands that seem very different on screen with their catchy taglines and mind numbing concepts and they hold an entirely different meaning for the consumers. This video targets the concept of brutally honest ads and aces it. It’s hilarious, witty, sarcastic and just so true; you won’t be able to stop laughing throughout these 6 minutes of craziness. The concept is not new, but it has been executed so well that it’s going to impress you.

This video is a representation of the Indian youth and audience at large. There was a time when these gimmicks worked and the sales shot up! Now, the audience is more well versed and aware. People can differentiate between right and wrong while making a choice. This is a tip to all the advertisers to understand that they cannot fool their customers by projecting the impossible. It doesn’t work any more. Today, it’s more about being witty, humorous and yet giving out the right message on why must we use a particular product. That is what the audience is looking for today. Unfortunately several product ads are stuck to the age old formula they used once and gained popularity. This video could work as an eye-opener and get them to focus on the message of the ad before they put it on air. The honest ad video has already become a hit on social media and people are sharing it across all platforms. It’s high time Indian advertisers improvised on their ads and introduced new, believable ideas.

Don’t miss it! Laughter riot guaranteed!


Source: SnG Comedy

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