Home News This Video Featuring Kalki Shows Us How Judgemental we are

This Video Featuring Kalki Shows Us How Judgemental we are


This Video Featuring Kalki Shows Us How Judgemental we are

Fantastic! That’s the only word that hit our minds when we saw this brilliant video. The video seems like promotional video for her latest film Magherita with a Straw, but it has a very important message for us. As humans, we are very quick to make judgements about people based on the impression their looks or lifestyle suggest. It’s so funny that in most cases we don’t even know their names and yet we are in a hurry to make conclusions about the kind of people they must be based on their looks. The video questions this shallow mentality and pre conceived notions that most of us have. Whether we admit or not, this is something that most of us are used to doing. Somebody’s clothes, somebody’s talk, the way one person approaches another and how they conduct themselves in public are ways in which we build impressions about the opposite person and these may not always be correct. Sometimes these judgements are born out of sheer jealousy, hatred or dislike for the opposite person. We therefore spread rumours and get other people to judge them based on what we have shared with them. Kalki is known for raising her voice on issues like these. It makes her an icon for several youngsters and we are so glad that she has taken it upon herself to inspire people in her own way. This is one more video where she has asked us to put down the glasses with with we judge and observe people. The second half of the video deals with how most of these judgements are wrong. From the conceptualization to the execution everything is simple and yet extremely impactful. We are sure that every person can relate to it since we all have been judgemental about someone and/or judged by someone.

The tagline is Stop Judging Start Living!

It’s a must watch and share!


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