SELFIE (Award Winning Short Film)


Selfie short film is a real eye opener. Virtual world has really turned things around for us. Something that merely started out to make the human life ‘easy’ has now become the reason for most of the complications in our lives. The constant addiction to social media has created more loss than we can comprehend. The biggest issue is the way our idea of ‘self image’ has changed. From being confident individuals, people now rely on the number of ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘acceptance’ they get by friends and family on social media to know their self worth. ‘Fame’ and ‘Popularity’ seem to matter much more than integrity these days. As if this wasn’t enough, Selfies made their way into our lives and brought her cousin apps that help us edit the image so that we look prettier. From being a world that was supposed to inform and upgrade our knowledge, the virtual world is now known more for its fake imposters, ‘like addicts’ and cheap stalkers.


In times when Selfie seems the ‘in thing’ and people’s opinion is the only ruler we use to measure our capabilities, this Selfie short film comes with a breath of fresh air. It tells you everything that is wrong with social media in 6 minutes flat! The last one minute totally stumped us and left us in a pondering silence for a long time. The Selfie short film doesn’t say that we need to stop using social media; it just shows us where we must draw the line and why. It’s a fantastic critique on everyone’s dependence on people’s opinions today and why it should not matter at all. From a time when most of us generated confidence within ourselves, we have now passed on the remote control of our confidence to others. We may not know about this, but there are several people who have committed suicide because of social media. Selfie short film is an eye opener for all of us. It’s an award winning film by Aghaaz Productions and conceptualized and directed by Ramchandra Gaonkar. The film was published on the 17th of January on YouTube.

In their words, “Selfie short film based on daily incidents faced by every ‘common man’. It interprets whatever people have perception about us, may be by our clothes, our appearance, etc. We know who and what we are in every respect.
We all must click our inner ‘selfie’!”

Source : Aghaaz Productions


P.S: Do not miss this one!

  • Pavithra

    Brilliant!! A strong message indeed!! I really had no clue where this video was headed. 5 minutes went by slowly building up the story and then, came that one line that makes everyone stop and think for a moment. Good one!! No wonder this video has amassed so many awards.

    • IntheMiddle

      This is an amazing video. I too was getting dragged into his pity-party when that sudden ending jolted me out of it. Really wonderful cast too.

      • Pavithra

        Absolutely. All it takes is “that” attitude to sail through any situation. Sometimes, i guess it is good if somebody else reminds us of the blatant truth. It drove the point home crystal clearly.