7 Things Being Single Teaches You

    Being Single
    Being Single

    Being Single Teaches You


    We all love to fall in love, don’t we? But then, how do we define when it’s love and when it’s not? This often leads us to being single for quite some time. Every time a relationship doesn’t work out, the sex feels the usual and there is no promise of the future, we choose to end things. And then begins what most people call “the cursed phase”, being single. It’s boring, you feel left out and jealous too, but being single isn’t as bad. There are many who actually enjoy being single and don’t see themselves as being undesirable or “out of practice” as many put it. Being single actually teaches you a couple of things about yourself and relationships that you will learn from nowhere else.


    1You Learn to Love Yourself

    Being Single Helps to Love Yourself

    Source : Tumblr

    If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love the next guy/girl who will enter your life.


    2It’s Not a Competition with Your Ex

    No competition when Being Single

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    Who got over first? Who’s he/she with now? Oh my God! He/she is moving on, dating again, I must do the same! You have stopped thinking like that. it’s not some 2nd grade, crappy race for you.

    3You Feel Thankful

    You feel Thankful Being Single

    Source : Surviving College

    When you look at those crazy couples koochi kooing each other you feel thankful you dated people who never did that and/or you see how stupid it looks and decide never to do it yourself. EVER!

    4“Loneliness” doesn’t suck!

    Loneliness doesn't suck when Being Single

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    You enjoy spending the weekend at home with a box of pizza and your favourite show on TV.

    5Career becomes a greater priority

    Being SingleCareer is a priority

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    You realize that until you find the right person, you are going to be single off and on. It dawns on you that making a strong career always helps because that will stay and will provide you a different level of satisfaction.

    6You Value your Friends More

    Being Single you value your Friends More

    Source : Tumblr

    You have learnt that most of your friends will stand by you no matter what. You now value their friendship more and keep them on your top priority list.

    7You Know What You Want From a Relationship

    Being Single is better

    Source : WordPress

    Being Single gives you the time and the space to ponder over your past relationships and the blunders that were made. You now know what you want.


    Being Single does have its perks.

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