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10 Things We Learn about Relationships in Our 20s

Relationships in Our 20s
Relationships in Our 20s

Relationships in Our 20s


From all the adrenaline rush and the hormones kicking in every 20 minutes that define our teenaged life, Relationships take a very different turn when we hit the 20s. It’s not like our desire to date or have stopped adoring Relationships, but the priorities change massively and it’s a totally different ball game altogether. With a career on one hand and everything on the other, 20s is the time when most of us begin to have a very clear idea about Relationships and what we expect out of our partners.


Casual s*x doesn’t seem cool anymore

Relationships in Our 20s -(Casual s*x doesn’t seem cool anymore)

It may be a fun thing even in the early 20s, but as we grow older and wiser (hopefully), s*x stops defining most of the prerogatives in Relationships. From it being a drunken craziness, we now want it to mean something and not just focus on our physical needs.

Lone Time is Very Important

Relationships in Our 20s-(Lone Time is Very Important)

From being crazy teenagers who were madly in “love” who are totally obsessed we now know that it’s a different world in the 20s. It’s not like the phone bills don’t go up now, but we also know how important freedom and a sense of spending time with oneself is important in Relationships.

Declaring Stuff on Social Media is a BAD Move

 Relationships in Our 20s - (Declaring Stuff on Social Media )

Everyone’s doing that around us and we have seen the terrible repercussions. Most of us know by the time we hit our late 20s that relationships and social media should not be meddled together.

Privacy is so important

Relationships in Our 20s - (Privacy is so important)

You absolute detest it when people asking too many personal question about your relationship. Even if you do share with people, you will always keep a certain amount of your privacy intact. You definitely don’t want your personal life to be discussed in public.

You are more Realistic now

Relationships in Our 20s - (You are more Realistic now)

You have got over the whole ‘filmy’ kind of feeling you imagined love to be. You now know that love has its pros and cons as well and you understand it.

Casual Relationships are not exciting now

Casual Relationships are not exciting now

You are looking for stability now. You don’t want something that will keep you hanging in the air or a guy/girl who isn’t serious about you. 20s really change us, no?

Honesty Matters the Most

Relationships in Our 20s - (Honesty Matters the Most)

You are now no more interested in tolerating things and not voicing your opinions. Honesty works way better than silence and you follow that to the core.

Breakups Hurt but You Know How to Recover

Breakups Hurt but You Know How to Recover

The biggest drawback of Relationships is that they could end. It hurts too much. But the 20s teach you that it’s not the end of the world and you can get over it with time.

He Doesn’t Need to Pay Always

 He Doesn’t Need to Pay Always

This one’s for the women. When you start earning you realize how expensive things are. You don’t mind splitting the bill. Rather it makes you feel good about yourself!

Compatibility Matter More than Looks

Ronald and Hermoine

Gone are the days when you lost the heart the moment you saw a pretty face. You are now more interested in finding out what’s inside the package.


20s really change Relationships, don’t they?

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