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6 Unusual Indian Dishes You Must Try


Unusual Indian Dishes 


India’s diverse culture is best expressed on a dish. Indian Dishes are not only delectable and slurp worthy; the same ingredients are used in a different way in every other state giving us unique combinations of flavours and cuisines to try. Then there are Unusual Indian Dishes that are like hidden gold in the interiors of the country; they can surprise us and totally blow our minds away. These Indian Dishes are so unusual you are going to be shocked that they actually exist and you didn’t know about them. Some you may know, but not all. Have a look!

1Bone Marrow Omelette

Source : The Restaurant Fairy

This one’s strictly for the non vegetarians. If you love the marrow from the mutton; this omelette is you piece of heaven. You can find it at Amma Mess in Madurai. A pretty Unusual Indian Dish; isn’t it?


2Bamboo Beer (Thumba)

Source : Travel Triangle

This delicious and healthy as well! Wheat and Millet are fermented using yeast to make this beer. It’s extremely good for pregnant women and works wonders as a blood purifier. You can find it at Hot Stimulating Café in Darjeeling.


3Beef Pickle

Source : GF Cooking Club

Meat into a pickle has to be a blessing for most meat and pickle lovers. Although it’s not a very rare dish; many still don’t know about it.  The best one can be found at Glenary in Darjeeling.


4Lemon and Mirchi (Chilly) Air

Source : Travel Triangle

Yes, air. If you know about gastronomy cooking, you know what we are talking about. Rest, you need to try this wonder at Farzi Café in Gurgaon or at any restaurant that deals with gastronomy cooking.


5Doodh Cola

Source : Travel Triangle

This is epic! This guy mixes milk with coco cola! It’s insane and surprisingly delicious. If you are feeling crazy and love trying anything yummy; you must try this. It’s only available at Balwant Singh’s Eating Out in Kolkata.


6Gulab jamun Sabji

Source : Desi fiesta

We hate to burst the bubble that Gulab Jamun is only a yummy dessert. Apparently it also has a savoury delicious version. You can find it at Shaandaar Sweet House in Jodhpur. Actually, it’s a Jodhpuri invention; you will find it anywhere in Jodhpur.

Bon Appétit!

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