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13 Beautiful McDonalds Locations and its Unusual Menu Items

McDonalds Locations and its Unusual Menu Items

Beautiful McDonalds Locations with Unusual Menu Items


Burgers have been synonymous to McDonalds for the longest. The moment you open the restaurant door, the smell of hot piping burgers and chips lure you to go on the most delicious cheesy burger rides ever! Most of us are usually used to seeing McDonald’s outlets everywhere. But some of these outlooks are a pure beauty and have taken the cool quotient of the giant burger selling brand notches higher. It is said that every 14.2 hours one McDonalds restaurants opens somewhere in the world! Well, the popular burger joint doesn’t only sell burgers at all restaurants in the world. Some of the items on its menu are unique and weird (we dare say!). Have a look at some of the most exotic McDonalds restaurant locations and some of the most unusual, weird dishes it serves in certain countries/cities.


This beautiful McDonalds outlet sits on the banks of the river Nile in the Egyptian city of Aswan.

McDonalds on the banks of the river NileSource : Alamy

India’s Mc Aloo-Tikki was specially designed for the vegetarian crowd. It’s not available anywhere else!

Mc Aloo-Tikki

In Bergen, McDonalds has occupied this rather beautiful premise.

Bergen, McDonaldsSource : Alamy
That’s the Cheese Fondue burger in Japan that didn’t really go well. Later, Burger King reprised it.

Cheese Fondue burger

In Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, McDonalds occupied this town hall in the 90s.

County Wicklow, Ireland, McDonalds

Source : Alamy
In China, McDonalds serves a pie filled with taro, a popular root crop in Asia. The colour doesn’t make it very appetizing though!

Pie filled with taro

This beautiful outlet is found in Clifton Hill, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.

 Clifton Hill, on the outskirts of Melbourne

Source : Aj Hanson

This is probably the weirdest Mc Flurry! It has forced passion fruit and Oreos to mate and the result is a disastrous green! This one’s served in Columbia.

Weirdest Mc Flurry passion fruit and Oreos

This McDonalds outlook in Norway was a bank before the burger giant took over.

McDonalds outlook in Norway

Source : Per Helge Rygh

“Chicken strips in Malaysian-style porridge”. This is served in (no points for guessing!) Malaysia. It’s called Mc Porridge.

Chicken strips in Malaysian-style porridge

This classy outlet is located in Paris.

Paris Outlet

Source : wikipedia

“Mc Spaghetti” is served in Philippines. Imagine pasta and fried chicken in McDonalds!

Mc Spaghetti

This place in New Hyde Park, New York was a beautiful farmhouse. McDonalds planned to tear it down after buying it. However, when the residents opposed, it turned the farmhouse into a restaurant. Beautiful, isn’t it?

New Hyde Park, New York, McDonalds

In Brazil, McDonalds sells traditional bread rolls for breakfast.

Bread rolls for breakfast

McDonalds in New Mexico pays tribute to the town’s UFO heritage with its outlet’s design.

McDonalds in New Mexico

Source : Alamy

McMuffin is quite different in Mexico, it’s called McMollete. It’s an open sandwich.

McMuffin aka McMollete in mexico

This beautiful outlet is found in Salzburg in Austria.

Beautiful outlet is found in Salzburg in Austria

Source : Alamy

Nurnburgers are the most famous here and in Germany. It has burgers and bratwurst clubbed into one.

Nurnburgers - Burgers and bratwurst clubbed into one

Imagine had to quit its signature yellow and red logo colours for this beautiful outlet in Arizona to blend with the surroundings.

Outlet in Arizona

Source : Alamy

Here’s another strange one. The mashed potato burger from Japan

Mashed potato burger

That’s a disused DC-3 in Taupo, New Zealand. It’s now McDonald’s restaurant!

Disused DC-3 in Taupo, New Zealand

Source : Alamy

That’s the famous “McRice” burger from Philippines. No buns, just rice!

McRice Philippines No buns, just rice

This glitzy McDonalds joint is located at Times Square, New York.

McDonalds at Times Square, New York

Source : GettyImages

Poutine is served in Canada. It’s a traditional Canadian snack with chips, gravy and cheese curds (whatever that is!)

Poutine - snack with chips, gravy and cheese

This serene location is a perfect plus point for McDonalds in China.

McDonalds in China

Source : Alamy

The cold tomato soup Gazpacho is served at McDonalds in Spain.

Cold tomato soup Gazpacho

Intriguing, isn’t it?

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All food images sourced from McDonalds

Research Source Telegraph


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