Gujju Dil Dhadakne Do Will Make You Laugh Till Your Cheeks Hurt!

Comedy Factory is back with Gujju Dil Dhadakne Do and you are going to love this. It’s unbelievably hilarious and an absolute treat for Gujaratis all over the world. Not only have they translated a large portion of the trailer into Gujarati, they have done it in style! Gujju Dil Dhadakne Do is a living example of why Gujaratis are such jolly people. Well, we know how to laugh at ourselves, don’t we? From Priyanka to Shefali Shah, these guys haven’t left a single actor. Moreover, they have also reworked the title and that sets you in the right mood for this jolly ride. Comedy Factory has come up with several other videos but Gujju Dil Dhadakne Do takes the cup by far! Within 7 hours the team has already rushing towards 10k views, a regular for comedy factory.

From getting Priyanka Chopra to make “muthiyas” and turning the family into Jains with Priyanka having an objection that her mother-in-law eats onions, these guys have left no stone unturned in tickling every Gujarati’s funny bone. It came as no surprise therefore when Ranveer tweeted about the video and shared it on Facebook as well dedicating it to all of his Gujarati fans. This is something incredible for Comedy factory. The video started trending soon after Ranveer shared about it on his social media accounts. We haven’t heard a word from Priyanka or the rest of the cast yet, but we know they are going to love it once they give it a look. They have simply taken the extended version of the trailer and interpreted it as a Gujarati. Such a swell job guys!

Do not miss this one! It will set you in the right mood to chill this weekend.


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