Selfie From Hell: DON’T WATCH This 2- Minute Horror Film If You Love Selfies

Selfie from hell is the latest edition from your favourite genre; horror. Horror intrigues everyone. Whether it is the challenge it offers to scare you like never before or the curiosity as to what’s happening; everyone sits upright at the very mention of horror. Selfie is the new ‘in thing’ for all of us today. Although it isn’t exactly a fresh concept anymore; it’s definitely a trend that’s ruling the entire planet. Some of us take selfies occasionally; many are absolutely addicted to it.

Selfie from hell is the latest installment to the ever growing impressive list of short horror films. This one takes two of the most loved concepts together (selfie and horror) and makes such a heady albeit frightening cocktail with these; it’s going to haunt you every time you start the front camera of your cell phone to click a selfie. The film is actually as short as 1:42 minutes only (I KNOW), but the impact it creates is absolutely chilling.

What adds a lot to generate horror in this short film is its background music. Selfie from hell was published on youtube on the 9th of August, 2015 and has got over 4 million views by now. Like we have put in the title DON’T WATCH it if you love selfies. But if you have got this far and are already reading this sentence, we know you are going to hit on that video!

With the right music, actor, subject and plot; selfie from hell is the perfect dose for those horror film addicts who watch several films as a challenge to check what scares them. It’s also a little sarcasm on this generation that is addicted to selfies today. Just keep your face a little away from the phone when you watch it. May be you should try this one then! Good luck! For the last time; watch at your own risk.


Source: Fuck you Zombie

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