Game Of Thrones Audition Reel


While watching the series, most of us must have wondered what the auditions for these characters must have been like. Well, HBO has an answer to that! HBO recently released Game Of Thrones Audition Reel and it’s brilliant! It tells you exactly why the series is so popular. All these actors were equally stunning during their auditions (no wonder they bagged the roles). Game Of Thrones Audition Reel was recently released by HBO at this year’s comic con and has been widely appreciated by fans world over. Although the reel doesn’t particularly cover all major characters (not this one at least); it’s a must watch! Everyone’s great, but the women steal the show hands down. While we are desperately waiting for season six and time seems to be moving at a turtle’s pace; Game Of Thrones Audition Reel will definitely keep us occupied for a while.

You know how they say “there is a difference between playing a character and becoming one”. This Game of Thrones auditions reel is just about that. It shows you how the actors don’t really play the character, but become one. We wanted to see everyone’s audition takes here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover everyone. We are keeping our eyes open and checking every nook and corner of youtube to find more of these. If we get anything that’s even remotely related to this; we will put it up. I am personally a fan of Tyrion and I really wanted to see more of him in context of auditions. Ygritte took my breath away with this one. She was born to play the character, I’ll tell you that much. You cannot miss out on this one at any cost. It’s fun to see these guys in everyday clothes, for a change.

Have fun!


Source: GameofThrones

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