Maggi New Video
Maggi New Video

Maggi New Video Says We Miss You Too To Its Loyal Fans

Everything seems to be normal except at 2am in the morning when you are starving and there is no hot, piping maggi to satiate your hunger. If you thought you are the only one missing the popular 2 minute snack, hear what Maggi New Video wants to tell you. Lately there have been news of the ban being lifted and the fans have breathed a sigh of relief since then. This Maggi new video is loaded with emotions that every Indian who loves the snack can identify with. They have personally reached out to their fans and expressed how much they were missed.

Although reports say that the ban over the popular 2 minute noodle has been lifted we haven’t seen Maggi hitting the markets yet. Also, even if it does, we aren’t too sure on the kind of response it will get. Several people have pledged on not consuming the brand again. Not only that, Maggi’s controversy has created issues for its contemporaries like Yippee noodles as well. If you have kept a watch on it’s latest television ad, you know what we are talking about. Yippee noodles is striving to make a clean impression before its consumers by showing how it’s safe to consume according to the “experts”. Under immense pressure of this kind, we are surprised that Maggi came up with this ad campaign. It’s a smart way to bounce back with such a personalized message for all Maggi fans. While several other brands are screaming “tasty and safe”, Maggi is making no attempts to clarify over its quality after the controversy. All it’s trying to do is get its fans back. Not once has it talked about how consuming the noodles are safe and healthy etc.

The ad is sweet with a commendable marketing and PR technique.

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Source: Meri Maggi