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Yes English is complicated and always accommodating of words from other languages. This is one of the reasons why vocabulary plays such an important role in language learning and excellence. Although most of us may be well acquainted with everyday English words, most of us are mispronouncing them with realizing. These everyday mispronounced words could also be a result of our focus on complicated words. Many of us are so engrossed in extending our vocabulary and learning new words that we never bother to check if the ones we know are pronounced correctly by us. Any given language is not just about the grammar and meanings, but also a lot about how each word is enunciated.

This article on everyday mispronounced words is an attempt to highlight the right way to pronounce certain words we think we speak correctly. The images have been created by Mintified.com. They are creative and extremely informative. If you are the kinds who is more or less confident about the use of English, but pronunciation has always been a problem than this is the right article for you. The images can also be used as flash cards for language training purposes. Since they have broken down the syllables, it helps much more in learning faster.

With English now being an absolute necessity no matter where you go, this one could really help you in getting it right. Have a look!

Correct pronunciation of cabin Correct pronunciation of Wednesday pronunciation of Truth  pronunciation of Salon Correct pronunciation of wuote Correct pronunciation of police Correct pronunciation of pizza Correct pronunciation of opposite Correct pronunciation of Monk Mispronounced Words Bowl Mispronounced Words Data Mispronounced Words Develop Mispronounced Words Dengue Mispronounced Words Epitome Mispronounced Words Genre Correct pronunciation of dessert


If there are anymore words that you feel we have missed out on, please share in comments. Also, the pronunciation pattern is independent of the dialect and the British-American English pattern. It is possible that some of you may find a dialectal variation. The designs here have been made according to the Standard English Dialect. Kindly refrain from imposing one kind of a pronunciation over the other.

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