Make Neerja Tax Free


Last weekend a movie based on the exemplary courage and bravery of a 23 year old flight attendant Neerja Bhanot released and grabbed the attention of the entire nation. Starring Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi, the film opened with massive critical acclaims. There are several layers and elements to this movie that doesn’t only make it a must watch, but also a lesson for life from all of us. We genuinely believe that the Indian government must make Neerja tax free. There are about a hundred reasons that we can enlist here, but we are sticking to top ten.


1It is not fiction.

It is based on facts and true events. It is unfortunate that none of us knew about this brave heart until now.

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2A wider reach

The Indian government must make Neerja tax free because that will bring in a greater viewership. Movies like these need to be watched by as many Indians as possible.

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3The message

The film’s subject may sound extremely tense and frightening, but one cannot forget that it has an important message for all of us from this young girl. Stand before fear and never back down.

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4It isn’t just about Neerja

It is about every passenger in that flight and what they went through with her. Each of them has fought their fears and many survivors have come out strongly in support of the film.

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5Neerja instilled courage in every passenger

By doing what she did; Neerja inspired every passenger to stand up and fight. Several survivors have shared how many passengers open the emergency exists during open firing risking their own life.

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6Youngest achiever of Ashok Chakra

If what she did deserved the highest honour for bravery, don’t you think the story of her courage needs to be equally honoured?

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7The performances in the film

Whether it is Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi or any artist playing one of the passengers; every performance is dipped in honesty and dedication. There are no over-the-top loud performances (unless it was demanded by the script).

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8Commitment towards duty

In a time when people are ready to kill each other for personal safety; this girl gave up her life for the safety of others. She hid passports, hugged every weeping passenger and took a gun shot in her eye. All for her duty!

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9Because she looked fear in its eyes and defeated it

Need we say any more?

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10She has remained forgotten for ages

Now is the time to keep her alive in our memories and conscience always.

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If you believe that the Indian Government must make Neerja tax free share this article with the hashtag #TaxFreeNeerja

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