Baawari By Ahmedabad’s Meghdhanush


Everyone knows them out here! They are a rage and now Meghdhanush is all here to enthrall their fans with their latest composition Baawari. It’s soothing, it’s soulful and it has the most touching and unique video concept yet.

Shot in the beautiful locales of Ahmedabad, Baawari is a treat for every Amdavadi and a moment of pride to watch our in house experimental rock/pop band add another feather to their hat. We had been hearing about Baawari for days from team Meghdhanush and our anxiety was at its epitome when it released. The composition of Meghdhanush’s single won our hearts in the first few seconds itself and the video left us awestruck.

The video has been conceptualized by National award winner Videowala. Once you look at the video, you will realize why these guys deserve not only one but several other National Awards. Baawari’s video depicts love through different perspectives in the society. It is heartwarming to see that they have not only played on the theme in context of the gender, but also in terms of each one’s understanding of love that is free from all boundaries of gender, caste, class or religion.

Baawari liberates you. It shows you the true meaning of love and inspires you to explore. It’s magic to the senses. Baawari celebrates love in its most naked form and leaves a bitter-sweet taste in your mouth if you are longing for someone. The song deserves to be on everyone’s playlist. We are hearing it on repeat since the time it was launched.

Ahmedabad is extremely proud of you, Meghdhanush! It takes a lot more than hard work and grit to rise from Ahmedabad and perform at the national stage with such soulful music.

Don’t give it a miss, guys! Baawari doesn’t happen to Ahmedabad everyday!


Source: Meghdhanush

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