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Watch This Cute Baby Prank Her Dad As He Tries To Cut Her Nails

Cute baby prank her dad
Cute baby prank her dad

Watch This Cute Baby Prank Her Dad As He Tries To Cut Her Nails

This is the cutest thing you will watch today. Watching this cute baby prank her dad can lift anyone from a gloomy mood. It’s unbelievable that such a little being can manage to do what she does at her age. New mom Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama from Brazil, uploaded this video on Facebook that shows her baby pretending to cry every time her father tries to cut her nails. The baby pretended to ‘scare’ the dad so that he felt he was hurting her, but she couldn’t put up with a straight face for long and started laughing out loud.

The video of the cute baby prank her dad was uploaded close to a week ago and has been trending on Facebook and other social media platforms since then. So much so that it’s number one on Facebook trends right now. We aren’t surprised though. If you actually look at the adorable little baby prank her dad and then listen to the sound of her laughter; we guarantee your heart is going to start dripping with joy. It is that good!

A bad day at work, a fight with the partner, an argument with the parents or just a random gloomy day; this cute baby prank her dad video is the perfect solution to bring back that lost smile on your face. Amidst all the negativity, ego clashes and unjust trolling that takes place on social media; once in a blue moon comes around a video like this one and makes everything look better.

We have a feeling you have probably watched this video already; no harm watching it again, right? It’s so much fun not only to watch the baby, but also her dad and his hysteric laughter. With the way she is now, she is going to be one hell of a cute prankster when she grows up!


Source: Pri-Fla-E-Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama

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