Dog Begging For Forgiveness
Dog Begging For Forgiveness

Watch This Adorable Dog Begging For Forgiveness From His Owner

It seems like the world is going to be ruled by animals soon. You may not find humans asking for forgiveness the way you will see this dog begging for forgiveness from his owner. Like they say, “Those who can own up to their mistakes and ask for forgiveness will reach greater heights in life.” This video of an adorable dog begging for forgiveness from his owner went viral recently and we stumbled upon it today.

Anthony, the owner of the dog is seen scolding his pet dog Ettore for trying to dig a hole on the couch. The way Ettore reacts to Anthony’s scolding is just ridiculously adorable. The owner keeps asking him (dog) to listen and show him how he was in the wrong. All Ettore wants to do is kiss and make up. Anthony tries to ignore his request several times, but then he just gives in with a giant hug to the dog.

We have seen several adorable videos of dogs over the internet, but this one will win your heart within moments. The dog begging for forgiveness looks so sorry and innocent all you want to do is shove your hand into the screen and give him a tight hug. Your dog may be your best friend, but this video shows how you are your dog’s only sunshine and priority. Personally I cannot fathom a human loving another human with the same intensity. We always look for something in return unlike these adorable pets. If you have a pet at home, give him/her (I CANNOT use ‘it’ for these darlings!) a hug today. While all of us appreciate this cute dog, nothing beyond his master matters to him right now. Such are pets, no?

I don’t know what I’d do if my pets did this to me. I want a dog now 🙁


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