Indian Kids Asked To Slap A Girl, A Beautiful Video

We know that this social experiment was conducted in Italy and it probably offers nothing new for people who have seen the original. But the fact that it was conducted in India and the kids out here reacted the same way speaks ounces about our nation’s future. Indian Kids Asked To Slap A Girl, is a beautiful message for all those men who are abusing their wives behind closed doors every single day. What is it that leads to such corruption of the mind, we fail to understand, but definitely something is wrong somewhere that allows husbands to do this without feeling guilty. Indian Kids Asked To Slap A Girl, is a beautiful video with a very simple yet a poignant message for those of us who do not see anything wrong in abusing women. It’s just unfortunate that most of these videos never make it into the interiors of our country where the message needs to be sent as well. In most cases it’s only limited to people who have full access to the internet.  How we wish there was a solution for this issue! And for those who think that kids need to be taught, well here’s a lesson they want to give you.

It feels good to know that these kids are going to grow up to be good men who respect women. Probably we should lock up abusive husbands with these little boys in a room so that they can put in some brains in the heads of these cowards. It’s not strength to abuse someone whether it’s a man or a woman. Unfortunately several men use their physical strength to show women “their place” and it’s absolutely disgusting.

Listen carefully to the lesson these little guys want to give you today!


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