Delhi: CCTV Captures Foreigner Lady Molested And A Bunch Of Guys Who Caught The Moron

This CCTV captures foreigner lady molested by a moron and everything that follows after that will inspire you. No matter how much we talk about woman rights and safety; there are certain morons who won’t ever stop abusing. The footage shows a molester stalking a foreigner lady in Delhi one night. He attacks her all of a sudden and starts hitting her right in the middle of the road. The woman naturally cries for help and that’s when a couple of guys from the playground hear her.

In a split second you will notice a bunch of guys running after the molester as the woman runs away to protect herself. Later, the guys drag the moron back to the place where he molested the lady. This video of CCTV captures foreigner lady molested, but also leaves us with a sense of hope that is somehow kept alive in the country by such youngsters. Delhi has already been labeled as the rape capital of India and countless incidents with foreigner women are naturally adding to the nation’s plight.

We cannot imagine what she must have gone through. She will probably remember the incident for the rest of her life. Having said that, we also believe she will also remember how a bunch of guys came to her aid immediately and brought justice to her. That at least works as some relief for us. CCTV captures foreigner lady molested has been doing the rounds of social media since then.

It’s definitely a story of abuse and shame for the country, but it also instils a lot of hope in us. It inspires us to be doers and take action against any crime. Well done boys! So proud!

Please share this and let people know that all of us can collectively end evil if we have the right attitude towards it.


Source: LiveLeak Channel

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