Google logo changed
Google logo changed

Google Logo Changed: Watch Google Evolved And Witness The Beauty

Google logo changed and it has got everyone talking about it. While we like to call it Google logo; the team wanted us to show a lot of things beyond the logo on how much it has evolved over a period of time. The sheer hard work and dedication that has gone into planning, designing, executing and delivering the kind of things most of us take for granted while using Google is commendable. How can we deliver the best with minimal instructions has definitely been that on question that loiters in the head of every man/woman associated with Google.

It’s only after looking at the video do you realize how much time has fled. Google evolved over the years into something we cannot live without today. From finishing our question and sentences for us to directing us while we are lost on the way; Google is into everything today. It has a brand for every letter to the Alphabet today and started Alphabet as the parent company sometime back. The video also shows you how Google’s logo has changed with times over all these years. They changed the logo again today and it keeps getting better each time.

It’s extremely inspiring to watch this video. It just makes you want to do rush towards your goal with double the vigour. The video is viral on all social media platforms today as everyone’s wishing Google for all coming this far. In the words of Google, they still have a long way to go. That’s the spirit they are passing on to every individual today; it’s just a drop of the vast ocean. There is still immense unexplored potential into whatever it is that you have in your hands. It’s all a matter of time and hard work.

Google logo changed has been trending across the globe; let’s also look into how much it has evolved.


Source: Google

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