Fan Anthem Featuring Shahrukh Khan 


The next instalment of Fan promotion is here and it keeps getting better each time. The Fan anthem featuring Shahrukh Khan has hit the internet and has received immense love in 15 hours only! It isn’t just the anthem for one fan for his idol; it manages to give out major feels for every fan all over the world.

It is peppy, catchy, fun and just MAD! The best part, it doesn’t give a squat about what the world thinks about. The lyrics are the biggest plus point of this Fan anthem featuring Shahrukh Khan. All of us went bonkers when we saw Shahrukh Khan’s look for the movie. Many of us weren’t even ready to believe that it is our very own SRK. Moreover, look at his weight and height in this song!! We really want to find out how they managed that with VFX.

The song will also bring in immense respect for the actor. His energy and expressions are absolutely infectious! Fan is surely one of the most awaited films of the year. Unlike several anthems that are always associated with national pride; this one is light and easy on the mood. The composition is fresh and the choreography is quite impressive. There are several songs that require “watching” in order to enjoy them. The best part about Fan anthem featuring Shahrukh Khan is that even if you aren’t able to watch it and only hear it; you are still going to fall for it head over heels.

Fan isn’t just an everyday script. It is the journey of a man who literally worships his idol and is ready to go to any lengths to meet him once. It isn’t just a story on screen; it is a reality that lives within all of us who look up to stars for inspiration every day.


Source: YRF

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