2015 World Beard Championship


Yes, in case you didn’t know, there is a world beard championship organized each year!

Facial hair is the new “it” in the world today. From a time when beards were considered to be rugged and gave out a loose impression of a man to today, when they are considered to be the ultimate “sexy quotient” in any man. If you are somebody who is eternally in love with beards way before No Shave November was introduced, this is the article for you. We bring to you exclusive pictures from the 2015 world beard championship. The championship held in the town of Leogang in the Austrian mountains, saw over 300 bearded and moustachioed men from 20 different countries compete in 18 categories across three divisions; Moustaches, Partial Beards and Full Beards.

Each category featured three prizes for the contestants. Austrian photojournalist Jan Heitfleisch took countless photos at the event that will keep you longing for more. Not only has he taken pictures of the winners, but practically all contestants at the 2015 world beard championship. For anyone out here who needs serious inspiration for growing facial hair, here it is. We have no idea how were the winners picked! We are in love with every beard and moutache in this article. We cannot imagine the kind of care that must have gone into growing and styling these moutaches and beards. Presenting the world’s most insanely awesome beards from the 2015 world beard championship!


1Look at that! How has he styled that? Oh wait, how does one sleep with that?

2015 World Beard Championship


2The happy man with his moustache!

2015 World Beard Championship


3The winner of best freestyle moustache; really curious to know how did he style it like that!

Winner of 2015 World Beard Championship



2015 World Beard Championship


5No words!

World Beard And Moustache Championships 2015


6It just keeps getting better!

World Beard And Moustache Championships 2015


7We give up!

World Beard And Moustache Championships 2015


8This is so chill!
Creative Beard and Moustache


9The winner of the best freestyle beard

Austra Creative Beard and Moustache


10It looks like a star!

Star shaped beard and Moustache


11That’s a moustache doodle!

Beard Puzzle at World Beard Championships


12Meet the men!

men with beard and moustache


13The toughest job in the world, scoring!
The judges panel at World Beard And Moustache Championships 2015

Awesome, no? If you think you have it in you to participate in the world beard championship, you can check out their website to participate.

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