Mark Zuckerberg Live Tour
Mark Zuckerberg Live Tour

First Time Ever! Mark Zuckerberg Live Tour At The Facebook HQ


Mark Zuckerberg live tour at the newest Facebook headquarters is going to give you the feels. For the first time in history, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took millions of his website users for a behind the scenes view of one the world’s most popular website. The new 40,000-square-metre space, called MPK20, is supposedly the world’s largest open floor plan, with room for 2800 employees. It’s absolutely insane in terms of the way it looks and it is going to want to quit your job and join Facebook immediately.

The Mark Zuckerberg live tour came around as a happy surprise for all of his fans and ardent Facebook users around the world who always wanted to know what does the office/head quarters looks like. The video has gone viral for all the right reasons and we must say Mr. Zuckerberg surely knows how to impress and keep his fans loving him all the more.

Like million others, we too were waiting to have a look at Mark Zuckerberg’s cabin and to our surprise we found none. He doesn’t have a cabin of his own! He has a desk just like his other employees and he sits with them while at work. Now this is what we call a true humble man who and you can see his genuine warm heart as he talks about it in the video. The Mark Zuckerberg live tour can work as an inspiration for millions who idolize him and want to become like him someday. A super chill office, a cozy environment and a boss who doesn’t see himself as different from his employees; that’s a dream job!

Watch the video and see (for the first time) what does the Facebook office look like and you will know why it rules our time every day!


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