Sahar: This Video On The Peshawar Attacks In School Last Year Is Heart-Rending

This is the most hear wrenching video we have seen. This is going to hurt you! If you are extremely sensitive and emotional this video on what the victims of the Peshawar attacks must have felt like will rip you apart. Innocent children murdered brutally to prove a point. Terrorism reached the hilt of absolute evil with the Peshawar attacks.

It was one of those times when India joined hands with Pakistan and cried for its children. Because they weren’t only children of a nation, they were children of the world; they are children of God today. This video is going to make you realize that terrorism has no face. It isn’t about branding a religion; it is about putting the religion aside and joining hands.

The video is a little tribute to the children who lost their lives in the Peshawar attacks. The world bleeds for their loss even today. The video is an indication as to why there is a greater need or unity in the world today more than ever!

For once, please stop sharing baseless videos. They can wait. Please share this one! 145 children lost their lives, parents lost their children forever! The least we can do is share this and pray. It is high time we stop lighting candles and go beyond that. Terrorism is not regional. And after this incident it has only grown. Currently Paris is trying to get back on its feet.

The Peshawar attacks were a warning bell for the entire world that if all of us do not care for each other’s troubles; this is only going to grow.

The heart rending video has received a lot of appreciation for its sensitive direction and concept. Please share it. It is the least we can do.


Source: longway productions

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