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The list is here! Indians obsession with Bollywood is quite evident yet again as Google released the most searched people on Google by Indians. Surprisingly, it isn’t only the Bollywood obsession, but also “adult” obsession that is defining the most searched celebrity list by Indians. As the year comes to an end, Google releases this list and it remains a topic of discussion for several months. Most searched people on Google have seen several celebrities taking the limelight in one year and then vanishing in another. This year is no different. While several celebs have lost their place, many have climbed up the ladder too. Have a look!

10Narendra Modi

The esteemed Prime Minister was 6th last year and dropped four positions to find a spot at number 10 on most searched people on Google list.

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9Alia Bhatt

The chirpy actress managed to stay in the news in spite of an average year. Shaandaar was quite a bummer. Hopefully the upcoming year will be better.

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8Kajal Agarwal

It could be her films down south doing well. The South Indian actress made it to the list this year.

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7Yo Yo Honey Singh

We have a feeling it is because he has been missing in action for a long time now. His Dheere Dheere Se was stellar, but we didn’t get to see him anywhere. Where are you boy?

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6Shahrukh Khan

Obviously! He had an eventful year. A PhD degree, two trailer releases and a film this weekend. We aren’t surprised.

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5Deepika Padukone

Again no surprises here! She came out strongly about her depression, started a foundation, did brilliantly in Tamasha, stole our hearts with Tanishq ads and will be back this weekend as Mastani. This girl is on a roll!

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4Katrina Kaif

After being associated and linked with Ranbir, it is pretty obvious that the girl was sought after by everyone.

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3APJ Abdul Kalam

No words to say. We miss you sir.

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2Salman Khan

Given Bigg Boss and the whole hit-and-run case drama; OBVIOUSLY!

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Number one is…..


1Sunny Leone

Apparently India’s obsession with the actress just doesn’t seem to die! She has had quite an eventful year and this is cherry on the cake.

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So these are the most searched people on Google by Indians this year. Hopefully 2016 will bring new surprises.

P.S: Which one did you search for the most?


Source: Google List

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