Ranveer Singh kills it with this Vest Ad!

It seems like the couple is on a high! Deepika Padukone’s Tanishq Ad has recently gone viral and now her beau Ranveer Singh is here to take things further. Honestly, we never expected this brand of vest to come out in such a cool avatar! Maybe it’s Ranveer Singh’s charisma that sucks everything into his infectious energy. The Ad featuring Ranveer is shot on a beach wherein everyone’s going gaga over his hot looks (obviously!). Ranveer has taken the swag quotient of the Ad notched higher with his hot looks and his envious rapping. Yes, you heard that right, Ranveer Singh has showed off his rapping talent again and it keeps getting better every time. After the Durex condom Ad, this is another Ranveer Singh avatar to watch out for. With every passing day this actor is taking over the television, social media and news so aggressively; it’s going to be a big task for his competitors to match his energy and swag-ness.

This ad will definitely change your attitude towards this brand and will teach you a lesson or two on how to capitalize on the brand actor are becoming today!

The latest update now is that they have asked to edit the ad and take off the part where Ranveer punches a shark. If reports are to be believed that shot has hurt a lot of animal enthusiasts and therefore the ad is now under the scanner again. reports also hint at more trouble for Ranveer since there has been a case registered against the actor for agreeing to punch a fish like that. Yes, yes we all know it was a artificial fish, but do you think that’s gong to stop all these people who just need a second to create something into a issue? Give it a day or two more and your will see an edited version of this ad; give it a week (maximum) and the issue will evaporate.



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