Viral Indian Youtube videos
Viral Indian Youtube videos

Most Viral Indian Youtube Videos 

There are several viral Indian Youtube videos that we can enlist as this year comes to an end, but we are here to give you the best. Indian youtubers have managed to entertain us unconditionally this year and we bring to you some of the most popular videos of 2015. The videos that we are sharing are not only based on the number of views that they have got, but also on the popularity and the entertainment factor. If you haven’t watched any of these, begin now.


AIB: Every Bollywood party song

We don’t even need to describe how viral this one went. It is probably one of the best Viral Indian Youtube videos we saw this year. Each line drenched with the reality. Irrfan nailed it like nobody else!

Source: All Indian Bakchod

Pretentious Movie Reviews: DDLJ

Kanan and Biswa killed it with this one! It was thoroughly entertaining and hilarious; no wonder it was shared across social media platforms.

Source: Kanan Gill

AIB: Honest Indian Weddings Part-1

These guys managed to put up the brutal reality of Indian weddings in the most hilarious way we could ever imagine. Way to go, guys!

Source: All Indian Bakchod

AIB: Honest Indian Weddings Part-2

It was a double treat for the viewers when it was released in two parts. The amount of repeat audience these videos got is unbelievable!

Source: All Indian Bakchod

Shudh Desi Endings: PK Spoof

This is the most hilarious animated spoof on the blockbuster hit. These guys clubbed everything that said “alien” in the Hindi cinema ever and mixed it up in one video. Worth it!

Source: Shudh Desi Endings

Ahalya by Sujoy Ghosh

The director’s brilliant narrative style and Radhika Apte’s raw sexual appeal brought tons of likes and views for this fantastic thriller that was released this year.

Source: LargeShortFilms

Kapil Sharma Hosting At The Star Guild Awards

India’s funniest man hit the top again with his memorable and hilarious hosting at the Star Guild Awards. Forget the audience; even co-host Parineeti Chopra couldn’t control her laughter.

Source: FOCUS News

Watch, Laugh and Share these viral Indian Youtube videos as we bid farewell to 2015.

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