Someone Arranged Harry Potter Snape Scenes In Chronological Order And It’s Going To Make You Cry

Things changed for all Harry Potter fans in the last part of the books when Snape came out as the hero we never knew he was. And just when we are trying to get over Alan Rickman’s death someone made this incredibly moving video and moved us to tears. Harry Potter Snape scenes are with a huge difference.

This guy picked out all Harry Potter Snape scenes and put them in a chronological order. So unlike the books and the films where we see glimpses of Snape’s childhood, youth and adulthood in flashes and bits, this one begins right at his childhood and ends at his death.

The slight over fourteen minute video is every bit beautiful as it is heart wrenching. The Harry Potter Snape scenes video has gone viral the minute it was uploaded on Youtube. It has been shared across all social media platforms. This is the perfect gift to every Harry Potter/Snape fan. I agree that all of us have watched and read the Harry Potter series a gazillion times and have by hearted every scene by now. But this, this is different.

These are the same scenes, but they put Snape’s life’s purpose into perspective beautifully. While it was revealed to all of us that this man lived for Lily’s love and protecting her son, it is quite different and emotional when we get to watch that in a set sequence. Out here, his goals, intentions and fears are put under the spotlight from the go. Every scene from the film has been watched and yet so much has been missed! You will only realize this after to watch this video.

Harry Potter Snape scene in a chronological order deserves all the love and praise it is receiving…


Source: kcawesome13


….And of course all the pain there is in the world!

Harry Potter Snape Scenes

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