Every Indian Middle Class Family


Do you order food after looking at the right side of the menu? Does ordering water means “regular water” and not mineral? Did your parents ever by clothes that were a little oversized so that you could wear them for a longer time? If the answer to these questions is a big YES; welcome to the Indian Middle Class Family. We are the aam janta, mango people!

This isn’t something someone from an affluent class will understand. This is meant for the class that rules this country. This is the middle class that works for the affluent, uses every possible method to save money and dreams of making it big one day. We are the start up generation today, we may be able to relate to this because most of us have been brought up in Indian middle class families. Our desire to break the routine, become self sufficient and get over the government jobs fever have brought us this far. These images are a tribute to that every memory you have as an Indian middle class child. They have been designed and expressed beautifully with a hint of humour.

Every poster in this article created by Kajal Shah for Fireflydaily.com is tailor made for you. We guarantee that every Indian Middle Class Family will connect to these posters instantly! Share them away!


1This is just us, isn’t it?

Every Indian Middle Class Family with mobiles

2This is every Indian Middle Class Mommy.

Every Indian Middle Class Family Mommy

3Best example of how we order our soups!

Every Indian Middle Class Family on restaurants

4And how we order our water

Every Indian Middle Class Family on restaurants

5What’s important is the right side of the menu; not the dish!

Indian family at restaurants

6The chota recharge is our life saver any day!

Indian Family Chota Recharge

7And most of us have no regard for the rules

Every Indian at Signal cross roads

8This one defines our online shopping sprees

Middle class Indians at online shopping

9Every ounce of the toothpaste is utilized

How Indian middle class use Toothpaste

If you can relate to these, share it and spread the joy!

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