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Bindass Desi Hoppers Finale Dance; They Won World Of Dance In L.A

Bindass Desi Hoppers
Bindass Desi Hoppers

Bindass Desi Hoppers Finale Dance; They Won World Of Dance In L.A

This is surely a first for India. Bindass Desi Hoppers beat 40 countries and became the first ever Indian crew to win the ‘World of Dance’ championship in Los Angeles. On August 15th, when the entire country was celebrating the 69th Independence Day, thousands of miles away in Los Angeles eight Indian dancers from ‘Desi Hoppers’ troupe were practicing hard to prove their worth. The crew, which is led by young sensations Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon Dmello and Nimit Kotian has created history by winning the most sort after dance championship title ‘World of Dance’.

Most of you are already big fans of Shantanu. The dancer started his television career with a series based on dance. Within no time he shot to fame with his innocent looks and moves. Soon enough, Bindaas channel helped him to find some of the best dancers in the country and that helped him build Desi Hoppers. The channel airs the show called “Desi Hoppers” that shows the journey of these dancers to fame. The group was mentored by some of the the best choreographers in the country to prepare them for the most difficult dance competition in the world.

The country always celebrates India’s victory in Cricket; it’s such an irony that India made it’s mark in the World of Dance championship yesterday and there is literally no one to cheer these guys. The crew has inspired millions of dancers in the country to chase their dreams and not feel bogged down by people’s comments on their career choices and dreams. At the end of the day, whatever the field, if you work hard, the result will always show.

The Indian crew not only impressed the judges, but also the live audiences. They also won the “Crowd Favourite” title. Bindass Desi Hoppers gave 34 performances during the course of their championship to grab the title.


Source: Base 10 Entertainment

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