Akshay Kumar Is Back With Singh Is Bliing Official Trailer

He just doesn’t grow tired, does he? It hasn’t even been a week to Brothers and Akshay Kumar is already pumped about Singh Is Bliing Official Trailer. The film definitely seems to be on similar tracks with Singh is King. Except that this time, ace director Prabhudeva is on board. Can we expect the Rowdy Rathore magic again? Time will tell. Singh Is Bliing seems to be the usual over the top comedy-action film. Singh Is King didn’t seem promising to many and yet it worked. Singh Is Bliing Official Trailer seems like a prologue to a similar theme; we never know with the audience, this one might work too. Akshay Kumar entertains like always and Amy Jackson seems impressive in all those action sequences.

Personally we prefer Akshay in films like Baby, Holiday and Special 26. Singh is King was a hit, but we aren’t too sure if we can say the same about this one. Given the fact that the Indian audience evolves everyday and has become choosy and wiser about the films they prefer; there are chances this film may bomb at the box office. We look at logic and reason usually, but this film seems to defy that all in the name of entertainment. Also, this film may suffer at the box office because Talvar releases with it. Based on the kind of reviews the film is receiving already, we won’t be too surprised if it ends up performing better than this one. There was a time when illogical madness worked for a film; it doesn’t work now in most cases. Akshay’s fans may still watch the film, but that doesn’t mean that the film might do well. We will have to wait and watch.

In the meantime, you can surely give the trailer a look!


Source: GrazingGoatPictures


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