Miss Colombia goof up
Miss Colombia goof up

This Miss Colombia Goof Up In The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant Is The Most Embarrassing Thing You Will Watch Today

This is so embarrassing it could give major burns to anyone! So Miss Universe 2015 turned out to be a box full of surprises not only for the contestants, but for the audience and media at large. This year’s Miss Colombia goof up could sum up the entire event in a jiffy.

So apparently it all started when the winner of Miss Universe 2015 was announced. It was Miss Columbia. So they crowned her and she broke into tears. It was all good until the host of the show, Steve Harvey, came over and said, “I apologize.” Two words and it got the crowd cheering and Miss Columbia to freeze on the stage with the glittering crown. It was a bad Miss Colombia goof up in the announcements.

Apparently the winner of the pageant was Pia Alonzo Wurztbach of the Philippines! It must have taken over a couple of minutes for Miss Philippines to realize that fate has changed in her favour and that she has actually won the crown. On the other hand, it was so ridiculously embarrassing for Miss Colombia; we felt extremely sorry for her. She got so close to it! It is something else when you don’t make it. But it is absolutely a different ball game when they give it to you, apologize and then take it away.

Imagine how it must have been for her when they took off the crown from her head and put it on someone else’s! More than the winner and the pageant, it is this Miss Colombia goof up that is everyone’s talking point currently. Social media has gone bonkers about this one and is getting shared everywhere. We won’t be surprised if this become the talking point for days from now.


Source: Tyler Bishop

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