Business Cards For Fictional Characters


Visiting cards for fictional characters; isn’t the idea entertaining? Who could have thought this could be a real possibility?! These infographics will leave you grinning from ear to ear. They are quirky, funny, and smart and manage to define every popular fictional character in a jiffy. Some of these business cards for fictional characters are so apt; they haven’t only used their qualities, but also their popular quotes to define them. Now doing this in one little card is thoroughly creative. The infographics have picked some of the most popular characters on television and turned them into businessmen.

You will look at these and nod your head away. These are just how you’d introduce these characters to your colleagues in a meeting. We don’t know if these characters would actually ever need a business card, but if they did; I am sure they’d pick these ones. All of this makes sense because fictional characters aren’t strictly “fictional” to any of us. We live and breathe with these characters while watching the show and feel for them. They couldn’t really be alive (as in, it is only a projection), but to us, they are.

One can credit it to the actors, the directors or the script writers; anyone! It is the collective effort that gets some of these characters all the love and praise they get. This is probably why business cards for fictional characters doesn’t seem too bizarre to any of us. Surely it is creative! Our favourites are cards for the characters from Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Superhero flicks.

Hands down we haven’t seen anything as good. The brilliant infographics have been created by Cornerstone. Take a bow, you guys! What a brilliant work!

Hold your breath everyone! Let the magic begin!

Arrow Visiting Card Furiosa Visiting Card Daryl Dixon Visiting Card Joan Holloway Sterling Cooper Fox Mulder special Agent Commander Shepherd Business Card Cookie Lyon Business Cards Fictional-Characters-Business-Card-7 Business Cards For Fictional Characters Business Cards For Fictional Characters Business Cards For Fictional Characters Business Cards For Fictional Characters Business Cards For Fictional Characters

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