Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Comic Con Trailer Is Something YOU HAVE TO WATCH

I am going to hyperventilate a lot over this one. The leaked trailer didn’t impress me at all, but this; THIS took my heart away and got my eyes wide open on a drowsy, lazy Sunday morning. Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Comic Con Trailer is exactly what most superhero fanatics were looking for! DC delivered that and so much more in what style! It has the right pace, it gives you those much needed kicks, it drives you crazy, it forces you to take sides and then while you are juggling with all of that; it ends with THE MOST EPIC shot! We are betting all our money for this one after watching this incredible Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice Comic Con Trailer!

We almost thought that the buzz around the film died out after the trailer got leaked. But boy! These guys showed us yet again how original is ORIGINAL and pirated will always remain down there. We have also come across a video that shows the trailer using better light. If you were to keenly observe this trailer, you will realize how dark it looks after a point. May be it’s a conscious decision considering it depicts the battle between two great heroes. And yet, it’s always better to watch the movie in better colours with Superman soaring the blue skies and Batman guarding Gotham city at night. The film is surely going to create history with the kind of opening the world is going to witness for this film. While most of us are still arguing whose side to pick, we know that it is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

P.S: On a serious note, does anyone pre book the tickets from now? The rush is going to be crazy we know it!


Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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