This Maggi Addict Kid Has The Perfect Answer For The Maggi Ban In India

Since the time Maggi Ban In India has come into force, most kids and their parents are having trust issues with most brands in the country. The instant noodle packet that has seen an entire generation fixate on it, has now suddenly been pulled off the market after being cited extremely unhealthy for consumption. While the nation is shocked at these unusual turn of events, die hard Maggi fans are questioning the hypocrisy of our system. Keeping this in mind, V Seven Pictures published a video of a Maggi addict kid and his perfect response for the Maggi Ban In India. He is probably voicing thousands of people in the country who feel the same right now. Most fans are claiming that the government officials banned Maggi, but they aren’t banning alcohol and cigarettes that are much more dangerous for the people. It’s because the government makes money out of it. Amidst all this debate, this video actually makes a lot of sense. It isn’t directly siding the brand, so to say, but it is definitely asking the right questions that the officials need to answer.

We must say that Maggi is getting a lot of support and direct publicity from its fans all over social media. While the brands competitors are busy proving their “safe consumption” to the people, Maggi fans are busy obsessing and brooding over it’s loss. From porn to Maggi, everything that helps a bachelor maintain his sanity is getting banned in India. We are wondering if Maggi has got people to make such videos or these made by genuine fans? Whatever it is, at least it’s keeping Maggi in the news and giving an emotional quotient to the popular brand. This can only happen in India!

Must watch!


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