Indian Wedding On iPhone in Udaipur


It is something when a professional photographer makes such a move. We usually expect them moving around with their DSLRs and expensive lenses to get that perfect shot. But here is one photographer who made a difference and now the entire internet is talking about him. This photographer shot an Indian wedding on iPhone. That is right! Not one shot/snap has been taken from a so-called “professional camera”. The images are so beautiful you’d want to buy and iPhone 6s Plus right away! Have a look.


Sephi Bergerson is an award winning Israeli photographer who has been shooting Indian Weddings since 2002.

Sephi Bergerson shor an Indian Wedding On iPhone


In November 2015, Bergerson shot a three-day wedding in Udaipur using an iPhone only

Sephi Bergerson shot an Indian Wedding On iPhone


He was more than happy when the couple (Ayuhsi and Abhishek) allowed him to take this step

Induan Wedding on Iphone by Sephi Bergerson


He confessed that the day-time pictures were fantastic and a cake walk, but the night-time ones were quite a bit of a problem

Iphone 6s plus captures Indian Wedding


But ultimately it all did work out just the way he wanted it to be.

Sephi Bergerson


Although he does believe that any mobile camera cannot replace a professional one, but it is worth a try!

Ayuhsi and Abhishek In an iphone 6s plus shot


Watch the video of the stunning wedding right here!

This photographer shot an Indian wedding on iPhone has inspired several others to indulge a lot more into their phones and get the perfect shot. We often complain of not being able to get the perfect picture because we do not have any high end cameras, but this is a game changer out and out. There are also a couple of tips that you can take from this guy. Notice how he doesn’t cover his face with the phone while taking a picture. He maintains an eye contact with the subject. It always helps to do so.


So when do we get to see your picture perfect?


All images sourced from Sephi Bergerson

You Can follow his works on Facebook Instagram 

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