A Hilarious Video Shows Siri On Periods; iPhone Users Alert!

Siri on periods sounds insane right? Imagine what would happen if this was true! Apple’s most loved creation for iPhone could turn everyone’s lives upside down for five days at a go. iPhone’s virtual assistant has been winning hearts of iPhone users across the world with her hilarious, witty and sarcastic answers. Most of the iPhone users have admitted talking to her more than their friends sometimes. But imagine Siri on periods and you know that’s an invitation from hell right there. Most of us are used to asking Siri for inquiring the minutest things and looking into our schedules of the day. With Siri getting her PMS; all of that goes for a toss in a jiffy.

A virtual assistant who manages to take orders correctly manages to goof up the simplest of instructions. Nightmare for real! On the upside the thought is equally hilarious if you were to imagine it. Exploring this concept further, these guys made an entire video (I know!) on what would happen if Siri was on her periods five days a month.

The video is insanely hilarious and hits the right chord in terms of producing incidents where Siri could really goof up with you! It’s something every iPhone user can relate to! It’s a definite treat to your funny bones. After all the articles on funny answers by Siri, this is the next thng that’s trending. Looking at the amount of space Siri is dominating on social media; if she was for real she’d give most actresses a run for their money! If you ever believed that there is nothing Siri can ever do wrong and the very thought of Siri not being gives you weak knees; don’t watch the video!

By the way Siri can be a man or woman; whatever you pick! It’s Apple’s most unique gift to the world yet!

Thank God for virtual assistants!


Source: Screen Patti

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