Kangana Ranaut Interview
Kangana Ranaut Interview

“I Wanted To Be My Own Hero” Every Woman Needs to Watch This Kangana Ranaut Interview


This is probably the most amazing thing you will watch on the internet today. The much talked about Kangana Ranaut interview with BBC is an education for every woman who hails from India. The actress is all fire and guns from the word “go” and hasn’t taken a moment to rephrase her answer. Popularly known for speaking her mind, Kangana remained unapologetic and unfazed when she was asked questions about her family and her childhood.

Hailing from a rich family in Shimla, Kangana has faced gender inequality, abuse and failure all to rise up and rule the Bollywood industry today. The Kangana Ranaut interview is a saga to the actress’ “never give up” attitude. From sleeping on pavements in Mumbai to getting her sister operated and married; this woman has set intense career goals for every Indian woman. While her family saw her as a liability, that’s not how she saw herself. From not knowing a word in English to now giving an interview at BBC, Kangana proves why she is the new face of India.

She left home when she was a teenager and struggled for 10 years to reach where she has today. Kangana Ranaut interview stands as a testimony for years to come as to why this woman all the success that she enjoys today and much more. It takes much more than grit to stand on your own in an industry that is dominated by the male actors. Kangana Ranaut interview is gives out a very potent thought we need to ponder on. Where are we taking the women of our country and how we ensuring a brilliant career for all of them? With the difference in the wages between men and women creating heat in every sector of business, this interview proves just why we need to rethink our so called “rules and regulations.”


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