This Lonely Lady Picks Up Young Guys And Takes Them To A Place That Will Stump You

Unbelievable! That’s the only way to describe this video! So this lonely lady walks into restaurants and starts talking to young guys who are eating alone (just like her). She has this weird mystery about her; she flirts, she’s interactive and she is beautiful. You almost think you know her and make assumptions about what it is that she does and then bam! Wow! This lonely lady and her story was a bummer. You must not miss this; it will stump you and you will almost feel guilty of judging people based on their first impressions.

It’s also a brilliant way to get the message across as many people as possible. Since some of the men actually ran off from the car because the smelt something fishy (quite natural), may be they need to work a little more on that. The only reason we are putting our opinion across is because we’d want more and more people to join their cause and work on helping the needy. We often notice men being up front and approaching women. This video totally works on the opposite theory and that’s probably what bums the men in the video and the viewers. That’s the way we are brought up, right? It’s not natural for a woman to approach a man like this. And if she does, we don’t take minutes to judge her character and her profession. The video not only puts across a message about the work the woman does, but also on how narrow our mentality is when it comes to judging women. The video is selling like hot buns on social media.

Whoever conceptualized this; big thumbs up! Wow!


Source: Prankbaaz- Bach Ke Rehna re Baba ! 

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