Guy Shits His Pants On A First Date And Makes A Hilarious Cartoon Video About It

What would happen when you finally go on a date with a girl you liked for a really long time and end up shitting (literally) in your pants? Scary, crazy and hilarious, right? Well this guy shits his pants on the first date and what he did after that is smart, insane and just downright ROFL worthy. So the guy went with his date to the beach and while they were doing some yoga squats his moment of glory arrived and took him by a storm. It’s usually the most embarrassing moment for anyone ever! This guy shits his pants and somehow manages to reach the toilet. The cover up in order to come out again before the girl in “clean shorts” is another challenge altogether. The ideas he uses will crack you up big time; you may also end up saluting the guy for using his sense and creativity during “his time of crises”.

Most of the guys and girls want their first dates to be perfect but when a guy shits his pants like this one; it’s just going to leave you with terrible images that will haunt you like nightmares! What we loved is the fact that he actually made a hilarious cartoon video about his sorry incident and got the world to crack up as he narrated the incident to us. Like they say, “All’s well that ends well”. We are glad he managed to cover up and his date ended up being a good one except for the disaster. Kudos buddy! You are an inspiration man! We sincerely hope the rest of your dates turn out to be fun and amazing minus such disasters ha ha! A toast to the shitty (pun) date!

Here’s to oodles of goof ups, fun and laughter on first dates, cheers!


Source: PizzaPartyUSA

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