Ahmedabad Rocks


Ahmedabad rocks! Ask anyone from Gujarat and they will agree. In fact, ask anyone in the country and they won’t deny it. We often read articles and listen to how beautiful and amazing our metro cities are, it’s quite rare to actually find someone talk this fondly about Ahmedabad or for that matter city in Gujarat. We still have been put up on the block it seems. At least not until Mr. Bachchan took to promoting the state! So we thought why not give you reasons to visit our Ahmedabad once?! We bring to you reasons as to why living in Ahmedabad rocks and is much better (we dare say) than several other cities in the country.

1Non-stop electricity

Most of Ahmedabad never suffers from a power failure or a power cut. It’s quite rare if there is an electricity issue and it’s solved with minutes. Where else can you enjoy this luxury in the country?

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2The Food

Okay, so you probably think that we are a community that is obsessed with dhoklas and fafdas. Yes, we love those, but that’s not it. We are big foodies and accommodate any cuisine that offers delicious food. From Moroccan to Mexican and from Italian to Thai; we have it all out here. Not to forget our array of food wagons.

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3Cheaper cost of living

If you are from any of the metro cities, this place is blissful. It’s cheaper to live here and you can save better.

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4It’s Safe

This is one of the biggest plus points (touchwood). You will rarely (VERY rarely) here a case of woman abuse in Ahmedabad or Gujarat for that matter.

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5The Festivities

Yeah, we are proud of it! There is no garba as good as Ahmedabad and/or Gujarat garba; for that matter you can name any other festival and you will find a celebration like no other out here; we bet on that!

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Think of startups and the financial capital of Gujarat (Ahmedabad) is where you must head to. Recently Gujarat was voted as the best state for business. It runs in our blood!

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No, no it’s not just about IIM and NID; you take any good college for arts, commerce and science; we have a national ranking there.

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8There cannot be another Sabarmati Ashram


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9Alcohol isn’t too far

If you aren’t visiting Ahmedabad because there is no alcohol, don’t worry. Diu and Daman are just a few kilometers away. Go over for a romantic/fun getaway and enjoy beers at the beach.

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10Sweet and Friendly People

Not meaning to say that other cities have terrible people, but people gel and adjust with everyone out here within minutes. You will never feel alone, unless of course you want to be that way.

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Kuch din toh guzaro Ahmedabad may!

If you think we have missed on reasons why living in Ahmedabad rocks, share in comments!

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