Donald Trump ruling Westeros
Donald Trump ruling Westeros

Donald Trump Ruling Westeros 


We knew this was happening! We knew someone was going to come up with a killer parody regarding GOT and leave us in splits. What we didn’t expect is for the parody to have Donald Trump ruling Westeros. The internet is going bonkers by the minute watching this hilarious parody that we cannot get enough of.

Donald Trump ruling Westeros has every element of humour and insane creativity that we had been missing for a very long time now. From holding Khaleesi and her people at the gate to practically surprising Tyrion and Lord Varys with his rants; Donald Trump’s mash up just gets funnier by the minute.

The video is impressing and extremely well edited. And then Donald Trump reaches The Night’s Watch and addresses the brothers. His Strategy for the “Big Fat Open Door” to welcome people and the Wildings waiting below the wall is going to make your stomach hurt for a very long time!

Donald Trump ruling Westeros is not just a “must watch”; it worth a repeat! The video is edited to the point that when you actually look at the Game of Thrones characters reacting to his words; it almost looks like they are irritated and will murder him any minute!

With Trump attracting this much attention on social media platforms already; imagine how it is going to be if he is elected as the President of the U.S.A! It is going to get crazier and wittier as November closes in.

Game of Thrones is set to premiere its 6th season on the 24th of April this year. As the fans wait in anticipation of the next promotional video by team HBO; such kind of parodies provide the much needed comic relief that the series does not provide.



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