This Gerua Parody Featuring Shahrukh Khan Will Make You Fall In Love With Him

How often have we seen film parodies? Millions of times, right? But then how often have we seen an actor feature in his song parody? Never! This Gerua parody featuring Shahrukh Khan has changed the game for the entire industry! The parody makes fun of the actor’s song and bad editing form his latest movie Dilwale. What surprised all of us is the fact that half way into the video, SRK steps into it and begins making fun of the other guy!

For a moment we thought it isn’t him. Who would expect an actor to do that?! But it was really him! It wasn’t even like an edit of his video from some other song! He was right there parodying the guy who was busy parodying his song. Gerua parody featuring Shahrukh Khan has a brilliant message for all of us. He tells us how it is easy to parody popular songs, but very difficult to create originals. Gerua parody was uploaded yesterday and has received insane views in less than 24 hours.

Even if you are not an SRK fan; you will love this video. It has been shared and appreciated on social media like anything. We won’t be surprised if it starts trending by tonight! As this year comes to an end; we must say that Bollywood has really made up for its bad films in between. Shahrukh’s film has been winning hearts amidst all the banning that is taking place on his film.

Gerua parody featuring Shahrukh Khan is a game changer because it goes out to show that actors aren’t really egoistic or pricey. They appreciate humor even if it is on the cost of their own films! DO NOT miss this one under any circumstances!


Source: Shudh Desi Gaane

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