Badass 2016 Horror Movies


T scares the hell out of you, gives you nightmares, doesn’t let you sleep and yet you cannot do without watching epic horror movies off and on. You are in the right place buddy! 2016 is going to be a bombastic year for all of us (horror addicts)! It comes with a bang and a solemn promise to scare the s**t out of our pants!  We bring to you 2016 horror movies you have to watch. We are eagerly waiting for these bad boys. Let’s see if they can actually scare us as much.

1The Boy

A Spooky doll of a boy that actually has life; nothing new concept wise, we are interested in the treatment though.

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2Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Yup! Jan Austen’s literary magic takes a turn for the worse.

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3The Forest

It has NATALIE DORMER! This looks good! It will help us survive until GOT season six comes around.

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4The Witch

So this one’s got too many awards and seems to be a real scary one. Let’s wait and watch.

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5The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

Do we need to say anything here? Just hope it is as good as the first one.

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The familiar video is back, but with a huge difference. It has been released in Germany already.

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7Amityville: The Awakening

If you have watched part one, you are going to love this one. Worth it


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Again, not a new story, but seems to be executed quiet well. By the way, it has our very dear SHELDON COOPER in it!

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It’s gory and lethal. This high on action psychological horror isn’t meant for the weak hearted.

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10Patient Zero

A deadly virus in the city turns every human into an intelligent murderer. The only escape is to find the first patient who transmitted the virus. Sounds bomb!

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There are more than 20 other 2016 horror movies that are on the list. We picked 10 of the very best. Let the creepiness begin!

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