English Phrases Used Incorrectly 


English is a basic necessity today. Most of us use common English phrases most part of the day to exchange pleasantries or to make inquiries. Unfortunately because of Social media, some of the phrases that are being circulated these days aren’t correct. Several everyday English phrases used incorrectly are a nuisance as well. It’s quite a sorry state since many of us don’t even know that what we have learnt or grasped isn’t right! We aren’t even focusing on the deep, complicated kind of phrases here. Most of these are known to all of us, but not in their correct form. Another reason for everyday English phrases used incorrectly could also be that we aren’t aware of their actual meaning. When the meaning is misconstrued in the head there are high chances that the phrase could be used incorrectly.

In this article, we have picked up thirteen of the most common/everyday English phrases that most of us are misusing or using incorrectly. Some of these took us by surprise as well when we got to know of their correct form. So while there are several creative and smart creatives that educate and help us on pronouncing words correctly, it’s equally important to pay attention to the kind of grammar we are using. After all, these are co-dependent. The designs for this one are so brilliant that they can be used in classrooms as well! Studies have proved since years that it’s easy to remember something that we have seen as opposed to something that we have only heard. The designs are made by Mintified.com. You may find several articles on pronunciations, but on phrases there are quite few. So the next time you use an English phrase, please note whether you have been using it correctly or not. As mentioned before, there are several English phrases used incorrectly by most of us.

English Phrases Used Incorrectly English Phrases Used Incorrectly Fewer than 140 characters english phrase For all intents and Phrases english phrase I couldn't care less English Phrases Used Incorrectly Regardless Repository of Information Runners-up English phrase Scot Free vs Scott free Self-depreciating vs Self deprecating Statute of Limitations English Phrase Try to vs Try and English Phrases Used Incorrectly

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