The Real Name of Jon Snow

You know the drill by now! If you haven’t watched season 6 or the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, go away!


He is our Jon Snow and he will always be that to us no matter what heights he reached. But this is until we find a better alternative to call him something else, something better. A huge theory about who our man’s parents are was confirmed in the season 6 finale of the popular series. Has that changed the game? Completely! And there aren’t any debates on that. But what is important to understand that Jon Snow may not be named ‘Jon Snow’ by his mother Lyanna for sure. In the finale, we saw that his mother whispered his name in her brother’s ears, but we cannot guess what that is (thanks to the direction). But what if we told you now that we may know the real name of Jon Snow?

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One Reddit user has solved this mystery for all of us.

In a post on the /r/GameofThrones subreddit, user sparkledavisjr broke down his theory on why Jon Snow’s name could be Jaehaerys.

All of us know that the moment Lyanna whispers his name in Ned’s ears, the audio cuts out. But this Reddit user watched this bit in the episode over 50 times and believes it is a three syllable name that begins with ‘J’. Why does he feel this way? There is proof to that as well.

Jaehaerys I was the 4th Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne. He was known as “the Wise,” “The Conciliator,” and “the Old King.” His long rule was prosperous and he was aided by his sister-wife Alysanne, who convinced Jaehaerys to expand the Night’s Watch and granted them the land now known as the New Gift.

Jaehaerys II, Jon’s great grandfather, didn’t have a long rule due to ill health but managed to maintain the same peace and prosperity that was found from his father’s time.

If Lyanna was, in fact, in love with Rhaegar, it is quite obvious that they might have picked a rather traditional family name that is symbolic of the baby’s roots. Moreover, not only is Jaehaerys the great grandfather of Jon, but he is the king who received the prophecy about the “Prince Who Was Promised” in the woods.

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This is why Jaehaerys forced his children Aerys and Rhaella to marry sooner. And though Rhaegar believed he is the promised one, he realised much later that it will be one of his child. He had two children from his wife, she couldn’t bear children anymore. He knew that there has to be a third child (because a dragon has three heads) and therefore he seduced Lyanna to fulfil the prophecy.

Convincing, no?

Coming to the other leading obvious question now. Why didn’t Ned call him Jaehaerys all his life?

The first obvious reason being his friend Robert Baratheon. We cannot forget that Lyanna was scared that he will kill her son. If Ned was to present his ‘bastard’ named Jaehaerys, Robert would have asked him why did he name his bastard after a Targaryen. Eventually, he would have found out.

Also Ned named all his sons after people who inspired him the most. Robb was named after Robert Baratheon, Bran was named after Brandon Stark and Rickon was named after Ned’s father Rickard Stark. Ned named Jon after his mentor Jon Arryn who played pivotal role in his life.

Now if Jon is a bastard (it could be that Lyanna and Rhaegar secretly married too!), than is he a Snow? Nope. Since he was born out of Dorne, he is not a bastard of the north, he therefore takes ‘Sand’ as his last name for illegitimate children born in the city of Dorne.

The real name of Jon SnowImage Source

This theory has got us excited beyond words! What do you think?

You can read the complete Reddit theory here.

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